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Over the years, photographers have been offering “still photos" of our athletes in a team and individual setting.

My goal as a sports photographer is to capture your favorite athlete in ACTION, playing the game, having fun, and hopefully capturing a winning moment that you both can re-live for a life time. So sit back, browse my photos, and see for yourself that... 

“This is where the ACTION begins”.

David Wellman / Owner ~ Photographer


"DUE TO FOLKS "STEALING PHOTOS "  - By screening on cell phones and other means -

I spend many hours editing thousands of photos hoping that I catch your favorite athlete in a SUPER SHOT PHOTO in hopes you buy them... Instead SOME  just help themselfs . There have been parents who couldnt afford to buy from me over the years, but I printed them myself and gave them a memory of a life time.  But to work as hard as I do knowing or wondering why Im not selling and to find out people are stealing - IT DIGS DEEP IN MY HEART -

Educate yourself to when you see a water mark going across a photo with the copyright symbol next to it,  "©" (copyright by the person who took the photos) Google it!!

These photos are copyrighted by, All rights reserved.

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